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    DJ Encounter’s techno gets progressive and playful in this week’s recommended mix
    But, he says, “I primarily play various sub-genres of techno music, including minimal, dark, hard, progressive, and tech-house.” He also clearly thrives on playing live, as the DJ Encounter Mixcloud page demonstrates—the four more recent sets are all ...January 18, 2018

    Sam Stevens: Music Is Love
    World 5 lead singer Sam Stevens is literally bridging oceans and linking continents, to change the face of contemporary jazz and techno music. as the leader of a band whose members are scattered far and wide, Sam is right in step with technology ...January 19, 2018

    Bitch Queens release music video for “Techno Is Dead”
    Swiss punk act Bitch Queens have released a music video for their song “Techno Is Dead”, which can be viewed below. “Techno Is Dead” is taken from the band’s recent album L.O.V.E., which came out in April of last year.January 17, 2018

    Rick Owens’ Latest Fashion Show Was Soundtracked By ’90s “Terror Techno”
    For those who like their techno with chains and full-length overcoats ... Subjecting hundreds of bystanders to insane terror music while beholding a collection full of slashed tunics, buckles, chains and jagged overcoats is definitely one way of ...January 18, 2018

    Sake company Aramasa Shuzo seeks new edge with techno partnership
    Last month, techno DJ Richie Hawtin — who came to fame in the 1990s ... when he opened a lounge featuring the brew at Enter, a series of electronic music events he hosted on the island of Ibiza, Spain. The idea, Hawtin says, was to “introduce sake ...January 19, 2018

    Detroit Techno Icon Jeff Mills Links with NASA to Air Six-Part Sci-Fi Radio Show on NTS
    Charles Mudede's and my favorite Detroit techno producer/DJ Jeff Mills will be broadcasting ... with Mills below for a discussion on how he's interested in moving electronic music from the club into the movie theater. And then listen to his stellar ...January 17, 2018

    Local music acts to look out for in 2018
    From indie-pop bands and electronic artists to R&B groups, here are five music acts you need to listen now. And we’re calling it first – these guys are about to get big. We’re positive electronica wunderkind Evanturetime (no, not Adventuretime ...January 17, 2018

    block out the haters with this dark techno mix
    mixes dark techno beats with more experimental sounds. "I don’t see myself as a DJ,” the Polish musician told us. “I think of myself as more of a floor killer than a party animal. But I really like rave music and I have a soft spot for aggressive ...January 12, 2018

    VR Music App Electronauts Could Be the Next Tilt Brush
    Electronauts can best be described as a music creation and remix tool — that is if music is being made by electronica-loving astronauts jamming on the bridge of a spaceship that’s flying through a collection of psychedelic tunnels. Because in VR ...January 12, 2018

    The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs is aiming to launch a music career
    Chandler has been laying down the foundations for a potential music career. Well, why the hell not? Riggs – aka eclipse – is now also making a name for himself over on Soundcloud, where you can listen to not one but two of his electronica tracks.January 16, 2018


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