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Brandy News

Ray J's & Brandy's Mother Suing Kim Kardashian for $120,000

February 8, 2008 5:32 PM | Brandy | Ray J | Comments (0)

Brandy's and Ray-J's mother Sonja Norwood is suing Kim Kardashian for making unauthorized charges on her American Express credit card that total more than $120,000. Sonja Norwood claims Kim Kardashian was authorized to use the card for one purchase in 2004 in her job as a stylist for both Brandy and Ray J. 


Brandy's Off Upcoming Season of America's Got Talent

April 11, 2007 6:05 PM | Brandy | R&B | Comments (0)

Brandy is off the upcoming season of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” because of the upcoming civil court case for the December car crash that caused a fatality. Brandy was to sit again between between David Hasselhoff and Piers Morgan at the judging panel as contestants competed in a variety of categories (singing, dancing, juggling).


Brandy Sued for $50 Million Dollars For Fatal Car Crash

January 31, 2007 8:53 PM | Brandy | Comments (0)

Well we knew it was coming. Brandy is getting sued for $50 million in compensatory and punitive damages for causing the fatal car accident that resulted in the death of a female mother. If Brandy doesn't have good insurance this could seriously damage her financially. It's not a matter of Brandy paying; it's a matter of how much she will pay.


Brandy Man Be Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter

January 29, 2007 7:40 PM | Brandy | Comments (1)

Bad news for Brandy. According to the The Associated Press, California Highway Patrol wants to charge Brandy with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in a highway crash that killed a female motorist last month (see previous report). Ouch! I suspect we'll hear a wrong full death lawsuit (for millions of dollars) coming pretty soon from the family of the dead motorist.


Brandy Involved in Fatal Car Accident

January 24, 2007 8:41 PM | Brandy | R&B | Comments (0)

R&B 27 year-old actress-singer Brandy (full name: Brandy Norwood) was involved in a four car freeway crash last month that left a 38-year old mother dead. The accident is currently under investigation with no arrests have been made. According to a California Highway Patrol report, Brandy was driving a 2007 Land Rover on the 405 Freeway on Dec. 30 when she struck a car going 65 mph after she failed to slow down.


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