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"I'm My Own Woman", Kelis Speaks About Her New Album "Flesh Tone"

July 9, 2010 2:28 PM | Kelis | Comments (0)

Kelis’ personal life have been a hot topic these past few months especially her divorce with rapper Nas. In spite of all of these, the singer made worth taking notice transitions on her professional life. In December, two years after her split from Jive Records, Kelis inked a new deal with Music Group/Interscope Records to release her fifth studio album 'Flesh Tone'.

The electro-dance album is a departure from the sound of her 2006 rap-tinged “Kelis Was Here”. Producers include Diplo, Benny Benassi and David Guetta.

Kelis told The BoomBox, "People shouldn't be able to expect what you're going to do next. That takes a little fun out of it and it defeats the purpose of me trying to be creative,"

"It's really just sort of where I'm at right now; it's what I was hearing and what I was drawn to. It just so happened that these are the producers that were able to come up with the sound that I was looking for; it wasn't like I was out to find these big name producers."

This time she's rolling with Black Eyed Peas front man and producer, She said about her relationship with Will, "It's nice to have people support you. Not because it's scary but just because it's obviously easier once you have positive energy and people who are willing to stand behind you, figuratively and literally. He's been really supportive."

The producer has been involved in the promotion of 'Flesh Tone.' After getting his approval on the new album, Kelis says her record deal with Interscope was in the bag. Kelis explained, "This was really a seamless and easy transition for me because I recorded my album previously to being signed, so it took all of the business and politics out of it. It just made it about the music and made it really easy to function in that space."

A new approach was used In recording the album. "I recorded in my house, at my own leisure, doing it exactly the way I wanted to do things, so it really just kind of flowed out. I had a great time and people should listen and dance and enjoy."

The last time we heard from Kelis in 2006, she declared that her single 'Bossy' was an ode to taking control of her life, career and destiny. "It's the only way to be, if not, someone else is going to do it for you, and I don't see how they could really get it right. You have to take control; you have to know what you want and who you are. I can't expect someone else to guide me the right way and make life decisions for me. At the end of the day I'm the only person who's held responsible for me. I don't know if 'Bossy' is the word that I would use to describe it today, but whatever you call it ... I'm my own woman."


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