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Rapper Mystical Preparing for Come Back After 6 years in Prison

February 2, 2010 3:37 PM | Mystical | Rap | Comments (7)

Rapper Mystical (A.K.A. Michael Tyler) is out of jail after serving 6 years in prison.  He was found guilty of forcing a female staff member to perform sex acts.  Mystical's two bodyguards were also sentenced to 3 and 4 year terms.  Mystical is to perform on Feb 10, 2010 in Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Listen to the interview below.

Radio Interview with Mystical 


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I love you Mys. I always have. Pray GOD bless you.

I'm sorry but I don't like him.I don't know him personally that's why I'm basing my judgment on how he acts and what he does.He might be a great rapper but that doesn't apply to the kind of person he is.

Kick some ass Mystical we love u. U r one of the greatest. I especially like Tarantula. That jam really had some bang. hope to hear more from u soon.

Finally real music from a true rapper. Everybody got a past they wish never happen or didn't have any ass. w/. However i still love u and that bitch had it coming.. Sorry...keeping it real

ur back mystical, thats what matter focus in ur future 4get about the past, ur young man with a lots of talent, we wondering where u were bcause we havent heard from u 4 longtime, u back boy ooowwwweeeee mystical esta en la casa lol cuban style baby yo heard me

Ell ya, glad ur back man! I don't care about the past. You did your time. You Free! Now get to the studio ASAP man. We all ben waiting...

Good Luck, Been waiting for your return to the music biz...Now come on with it and show this new school artist how you get your groove on (U should sign with E-40)

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