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Kanye's New Music Video w/ Rita-G "Flashing Light" Confusing

February 24, 2008 5:15 PM | Kanye West | Comments (2)

Some of Kanye West's video has nothing to do with the music.  However, his new video for his single "Flashing Lights" makes absolutely no sense.  The video features Rita G a Playboy Playmate from Houston and is co-directed by Spike Jonze.  The video starts by Rita G driving a car.  She stops, exits, walks away from the car, takes off a fur coat and then burns the coat.  All the time dressed in here underwear while wearing a thong. (See Video & Pictures)

She then goes back to a vehicle where Kanye West is tied up in the trunk.  She kisses him, the grabs a shovel and proceeded to kill him with the shovel.  I take it she's pissed at him, uh!  What a way to go!  But what the hell does the video have to do with the track?  What do you guys think?

 Kanye West Music Video "Flashing Light"


 Pictures of Rita-G Playboy Playmate

Pictures of Rita-G Playboy Playmate


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the song flashing lights is about kanye cheating on his girlfriend, and 'flashing lights' is tha papperazzi, rita g plays the girlfriend scorned in this video so when she 'kills' kanye shes getting her 'revenge' for kanye cheating on her

DAMN! Never heard of Rita-G. What issue of Playboy was she it. I have to go buy it! DAMN!

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