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50 Cent Baby Mama Get's $6.7K instead of $50K for Child Support

February 15, 2008 11:41 AM | 50 Cent | Comments (1)

50 Cent (A.K.A. Marquis Jackson) must be very happy with the court's decision to give his money hungry baby mama (Shaniqua Tomkin) only $6,700 per month for child support instead of the ridiculous $50,000 per month she wanted.  $6,700 is still not chump change.  That's $80,400 per year to raise 1 child.

50 Cent took his ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tomkins to court so that a judge could decide the proper amount. Tomkins was originally granted $25,000 a month while the court took time to review her expenses. Once everything was reviewed the judge amended the award and ruled that Tomkins will receive $6,700 a month from 50 Cent. No words if Tomkins has to pay back some of the $25,000 per month she received.

50 Cent with Son 


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yes, the courts made the right decision. she deserves the 6.7. they gave birth together so she can also fend for the child. it's not a one man responsibility.

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