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Raz-B & Ricky of B2K Claims Molestation by Chris Stokes

December 26, 2007 12:54 PM | R&B | Comments (4)

The Internet is "flaming" with two YouTube videos featuring former B2K member Raz B and his brother Ricky claiming they were molested by their former manager Chris Stokes and singer Marques Houston (See videos).  What the hell is this about?  Why would Raz B and Ricky air their dirty disgusting laundry on the Internet?  In the first video clip, Raz B tells Danielle Houston, the sister of Marques Houston, via speakerphone about the alleged molestation.

Raz tells Danielle Houston that Stokes began asking to touch his private parts when he was 11 or 12-years-old. Raz B also says it was Stokes that encouraged Houston to molest him when they were younger.

Chris Stokes responded with the following statement:      

"The accusations that Demario “Raz B” Thorton and Ricardo Thorton have made are vehemently false and hold no merit.  I have recently stopped financially supporting both individuals along with assisting them with their criminal and legal matters which leads me to believe they are resentful and looking to benefit financially from this.  My family is my first priority and the reason why I have been so supportive of them.  In bringing these false claims, they have not only slandered me, they have also put me in a position to ensure that the truth is known and I will take all legal routes to protect myself, my family and my four children.    

It’s also quite ironic that these statements were made only 2 weeks after they were denied admittance by a venue for an event I hosted in Beverly Hills."

Raz B's YouTube Video


Ricky's YouTube Video

 Raz B 

Raz B 

Marques Houston 

Marques Houston 

Chris Stokes and Marques Houston

Chris Stokes and Marques Houston



Chris Stokes With His Family 

Chris Stokes with His Family 

Chris Stokes & B2K

Chris Stokes & B2K



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I'm not a big fan of this style of music, because for me it is very sharp, I prefer more melodic compositions.

Thanks for the submitted article! I enjoyed reading it! I don't think we need to discuss someone's private life.

Chris Stokes images is the founder of Brandi, B2K, Marques Houston, Omarion and many more.Chris Stokes became known in 1995 when he produced his sister Juanita Stokes' single entitled 'Mind Blowin'. Furthermore, he became the CEO of TUG (The Ultimate Group) that handles many successful artists.Apart from being a CEO, this multi talented person also wrote and directed the movie 'You Got Served' Chris Stokes .

There is a lot more to this story! There is a lot of hurt feelings so now it's pay back time. Guess who's hurt and guess who wants to pay back?

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