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Foxy Brown in Solitary Confinement for Causing Trouble

October 24, 2007 11:27 AM | Foxy Brown | Rap | Comments (1)

Foxy Brown (A.K.A. Inga Marchand) is a bad female.  Even in jail, she's still causing problems and getting in more trouble.  Pregnant Foxy was sentenced September 8 to 1 year in jail for continually violating her probation after several arrests.  She's currently incarcerated at Rickers Island, NY where she has reportedly committed 3 separate violations this month. 

As a result Foxy has been taken out of general population and thrown in "the hole" for 76 days, which is solitary confinement. 

The three violations include Foxy getting into a shoving match with another inmate, cursing at correction officers and refusing to undergo random drug test.  While in solitary Foxy will spend up to 23 hours alone in her cell. For an hour per day, she is allowed to see visitors, meet with an attorney, go to the library or exercise in a recreation area away from the general-population inmates.       

Foxy could face additional disciplinary charges for her refusal to board a Rikers Island bus at least twice to go to a scheduled Brooklyn court date on October 12. Foxy missed the first bus because she was still doing her hair and makeup. She skipped the second bus because she wanted to finish eating her lunch.

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Oh my goodness. Foxy Brown sounds like a very ignorant person. She talks as if she's a prostitute walking the streets by continually referring to other females with the b-word. I can see why she's in prison. She admires gangsters and wants to be a female gangster. She's a disgrace to all black females and hopefully no young black female aspires to be like her. Her fellow female rapper Baps is also a complete idiot! All the money and fame can't turn fools into smart people! Once a ghetto hood rat, always a ghetto hood rat no matter how much money or fame they have and Foxy Brown is a prime example. Hope she wakes up in prison and smell the roses. Her poor unborn kid will be born to an ignorant mother.

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