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Lil Wayne & Ja Rule Arrested for Gun Possession

July 26, 2007 2:48 PM | Ja Rule | Lil Wayne | Rap | Comments (8)

Rappers Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were both arrested Sunday in separate incidents following Wayne’s concert in New York. They are both out on bond and claiming that the guns found in their cases were not theirs.

They both share the same attorney, Stacey Richman. Richman stated that Lil Wayne was released Monday evening on $70,000 bond and will appear in court again in November on a felony charge of gun-possession. He was arrested after his headlining show at New York’s Beacon Theatre. Ja Rule, who features Lil Wayne on his current single, “Uh Oh,” was released on $150,000 bond and is expected back in Manhattan Criminal Court on Nov. 7 to face a felony charge of criminal possession of a weapon. Both rappers spent Sunday night in jail.

Based on statements made to MTV News, Richman is skeptical about both arrests. “[Lil’ Wayne] was in the bus in his boxer shorts with a number of other people," she said. "Unless his boxer shorts had a pocket for this gun, I don't understand how he had it on him." Richman's father and legal partner, Murray Richman, believes Lil Wayne’s arrest was a result of an action by New York's police-detective "hip-hop squad," which "staked out the [tour] bus," Richman told MTV. Murray Richman added that the .40-caliber gun police found in Wayne’s tour bus was a legally registered handgun, but did not belong to the rapper.

Also, the attorneys are wondering why the other people on the bus were not arrested along with Wayne, given New York laws requiring everyone in a vehicle with an unclaimed gun be charged if that vehicle is searched by police.

In Ja Rule's case, Stacey Richman claims the .40-caliber Taurus pistol police recovered from inside the vehicle that Ja was riding in belonged to someone else. Ja Rule, his driver, Mohamed Gamal, and his road manager, Dennis Cherry, were all charged with criminal possession of a weapon. According to Richman, the car in question was a company vehicle owned by Gamal's Maximum Transportation firm and is used by his clients.

"If you get a car, and something's left in the car, is that yours?" Richman wondered to MTV. "How you can ascribe that anybody knows what's in a car?" She also says the car was stopped about a block away from the Beacon Theatre and that it had been "parked outside for two and a half hours, with the police department, and they ran the plates — they could have just handed out a ticket then, but they didn't. They waited for [Ja Rule] to get into the car.".



Lil Wayne - Fireman

Ja Rule- Exodus


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Free JA Rule and Lil Wayne

i c u doin wat u doin weezy but dont truss n

Lil wayne is da hottest of all man he hasn't done anything wrong and he is da best ya dig sucker

Lil wayne is da sh*t I don't give a f*ck wat anybody say about him. Big bloodz ya dig.

that was some bull sh*t just cus they rappers they gone hold them acountable for something that they didn't do.
but still much love to you Lil Wayne you still the best rapper in the world, love to you too Ja Rule you got some competition. Step yo game up!!

man dis is bull sh*t

hey sexy just dropping by to show so sweet love. I love u.

i sat in court today in NYC right bhond lil wayne and the rest of the guys ( i was with my son on differnt charges and i got to onder why the Da was asking for DNA requests on these charges i work in law and never seen this before

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