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50 Cent Does a Ashlee Simpson (Lip-Sync)

June 29, 2007 6:24 PM | 50 Cent | Rap | Comments (5)

Tell me it ain't so.  50 Cent lip-syncing on stage! What?  That's right!  Didn't he learn from Ashlee Simpson who got caught lip-syncing during filming of a previous Saturday Day Night Live show?  During the BET Awards last Tuesday night, 50 Cent got caught lip-syncing on stage after he screwed up the lyrics to Amusement Park over an instrumental version of the track mistakenly played by his DJ, Whoo Kidd. 

50 Cent then left the stage to wait for the correct song to get cued.  Apparently, most of the audience had no clue what was happening. I really don't know why 50 Cent would lip-sync.  It's not like he has to sing.  Unless he was losing his voice.  The problem with lip syncing is that if things get screwed up, you can easily get busted!


50 cent - heat (intentional) lip sync


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all you b**ches and f*ggots Just hatin. He was not lip synching. their was obviously somthing wrongs with the mic. and even if he was, get the f*ck over it!hes made his money. he doesnt need any approval from you haters anyways! your all just jealous. girls have no excuse to be jeaous of him, unless they are a butch lezbo. and guys, you are ALL just jealous becuz hes hott n fine and is a millionare and he can rap, and act. and you cant do s*it!

f&%k what people say about 50 im his biggest fan and if you want to talk sh*t 2 50 come see me pu**ies

50 cent is the bomb the only way that he would ever do that is if he had lost his vioce and that is tha only way he is way to sey to be a lip synger. i love him... he is my dream man...

Well all u motherf*&kers sayin he lipsync and all dat sh*t... have u ever been to a rap concert??? They play the chorus and the beat but after the chorus theres no text. so my guess is there must have been some sh*t wrong with the mic or else i dont know what but he sure as hell wasent lipsyncin

Why would a rapper have to lip sync unless he was losing his voice or he just go lazy!

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