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What's Going On With R. Kelly's Case

May 7, 2007 6:01 PM | R&B | R. Kelly | Comments (4)

What the hell is going on with 40 year old R. Kelly's (A.K.A. Robert Sylvester) child pornography case?  Kelly has been putting out hits and videos as if nothing has been going for the past several years.  Since the incident Kelly has had several hits and awards but no trail.  Is it still on?  Did the government forget about it?  

I'm sure Kelly wish they would.  This incident has been hanging over his head for 5 years.  Let's go to trial and get this over with. 

The trial has been delayed because of several incidents with the judge who fell from a ladder and got appendicitis.  Kelly is to appear in court this Friday in Chicago for another hearing; however, there is still no trail date.  Kelly is set to release a new album on May 29th. Michelle Jackson, (oops, I meant Michael Jackson, my bad) has began and ended his trial after the Kelly incident.

Kelly was charged in 2002 after a tape was leaked of him having sex and peeing on a 14 year old female.  I saw the tape! It looked like him, but can't be 100%.  Kelly pleaded not guilty!  However, after marrying the late Aaliyah when she was 15 years old, I'm a little suspicious of Kelly.  I certainly wouldn't leave him around my teenage daughter.

Since being charged, Kelly has released six albums. His current single, "I'm a Flirt," is in the top 20, and he's finishing 10 more chapters of his running R&B operetta, "Trapped in the Closet."  He's also written a new song, "Rise Up," about healing in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings of which 100% of the net proceeds are going to a victims' memorial fund.

A conviction could send Kelly to prison for up to 15 years! Wow! However, with so much time passing, I can't see a conviction.  The jury will claim this is old news.

Kelly's wife is featured in Essence magazine (on newsstands May 11) telling her take on the incident.  In the article, titled “Notes on a Scandal,” Andrea Kelly talks about her relationship with Kelly, the raising of their three children (two girls, ages 9 and 7, and a 5-year-old boy) and her husband’s alleged sex tape with a girl said to be 14.



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I think people need to worry about there own demons in their cell!

Hi boets,
R. Kelly is flipping power, dig is music, been listing, dancing, 4 a decade now, but if this is true, he needs to wake up and smell da coffee, b4 is 2 late, cheers.

R.kelly is one of my favourite artistes. I really like him, his songs & evrything about the guy... but aint like all this accusations Involving him, on this "child porno" stuff. If they're true, he should pls try & change for good.

i think r.kelly's a great guy. I love his songs & videos. If all these allegetions agaist him 're, then I'd say it's high time he changed his attitudes for good.

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