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Ray J & Kim Kardashian Get Paid Big Money Their Sex Tape

May 1, 2007 6:11 PM | R&B | Ray J | Comments (37)

Ray J (A.K.A. William Ray Norwood Jr. also A.K.A. Brandy’s Little Brother) and Kim Kardashian in my opinion conspired to release their porno video to make a ton load of money.  According to Us Magazine, Kim Kardashian will get close to $5 million from Vivid to settle the lawsuit she had against them.  t’s reported that Ray J got $1 million.  

If reports are correct, they made $6 million so people can view them having sex which everyone does.  Vivid plans to make the tape available to consumers through the end of May before retiring the tape for good.

Ray J threw a big party in Las Vegas for the tape’s release and his big fat pay check.  I’ve viewed the video and it’s nothing special; just 2 people having sex.  For $6 million, I’d make a porno of myself and sell it! Damn! Some people have all the luck.

According to Vivid's co-chairman,"We are pleased that Kim has dropped her legal action against us, we met with her several times and finally reached a financial arrangement that we both feel is fair."  Wonder how much Vivid will clear.  There is big money in porn!




Ray J & Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Trailer

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Recent Visitor Comments:


OMG..Paris Hilton has herpes!
Kim Kardishan is pretty good looking, better than Paris in my opinion. Am I the only one who thought the video looked kinda hot?

All of you are getting pissed over a black dude and a white broad making a sex tape. If they are stupid enough to do that then it just show's how stupid they really are, but it's no excuse. We have a bunch of "bebe" kids we need to set straight and that's more important than two idiots humping. Life is bigger than MTV.

"G", who in the hell taught you on how to put sentences together. I don't think you need to be worried about Kim, you need to be worried about your non-sentence writing a**. Dumb-a** people like you proves everybody right about "ya'll".

4 all yall hatin on kim she fine as hell and got a bangin body. how yall gone get mad cus they made a sex tape? they aint da only celebs with sex tapes. they gotta make money and want to b famous whcich they already wer jus like everybodys else and if they want to make it by having sex and showing it to the world then so b it.

I can't believe dis. Kim is so beautiful too beautiful 2 lower herself to do a porno tape. Having sex is something u keep private. Not 2 show the whole damn world what your doin. I look at kim and ray j a totally different way now.

Preferring i mean. Anyway as i was saying. Having white kids! Lol and then the white folks are laughing at there sell out asses wanting to be white. How pathetic. Your embarrassing yourselves! Have ya'll forgotten where we came from what we had to go thru? Obviously so. Too bad ol boy was right. Black dudes do worship that fake nasty slut. Why because they have no standards or morals! They rather trick their money to her than have a classy natural black woman on their side. Ugh. Ya make me sick. White ppl stick together. Mexicans for sure stick together. Do black men? Hell no never have. Anyway some of ya'll may not like what i say but i don't give a damn . I know the truth hurts. I aint hatin i think it's sick i don't date outside of my race either. Get it together you bitch ass niggas! You f&*k wit white sluts because your weak. Those of you who it doesnt apply to , that loves black women i take my hat off to you!

I'm a black woman and sadly agree with alonzo black people are stupid and ignorant. Not all. But our culture is blind. Well mostly black men. They are the stupid ones! Always worshiping white bitches referring white women over beautiful black woman. Get money and forget about the sisters. It's sad. White ppl and mexicans are racist towards us. No matter how much they try and act like us quote soon as they get mad the n word is the first thing they say. And It's sad because mexicans are a minority too. We are the only culture riding all the other cultures nuts! Welcoming stupid white hoes to try and act like us imitate and mock us and find it attractive! Just stupid. We get treated differently no matter what. So why worship yes i said worship white bitches.!.? stick to f&*king gether! Stop having all of there mutt kids before you wipe out the entire black community hundreds of years from now! Shame of you dumb a** black people ashamed to be black hanging out with only white ppl. Dating white ppl

your a a** alfonzo im black do u have a problem wit me i dont worship her u dont kno nuttin bout me if u want to be all raceist why dont you go suck Ray J's d*** have a nice life i hope u get pushed of a bridge.......

They should be ashamed of what they aare doing i mean don't they ever stop to think that thiss could damage their corries this is a mess what would his mother say about this

I am always amazed that in this day and age there are morons such as Alonzo Gomez breathing! I truly wish that I could wipe out the last of a dying breed...the racist! Wth each new generation americans are moving forward and judging one another by character and not color of skin. But alas, there are a minority of people who can't get past their cave man ideals. Would Alonzo make such a comment if the male in the video were say...Justin Timberlake? I blame Alonzo's parents for racism is a learned trait. But Alonzo is an independent "human being" fully capable of independent thought and needs to learn that we are all human and the same on the inside. By the way Alonzo...if you weren't so ignorant you would realize that Kim Kardashian is not "white!"

Its a waste of time having someone comment ,This BS speaks for itself ,Why should these guys be so popular they are soo vain,They just wanna partake in the spotlight by exposing their insanity like this,,,,,,,shame

Alonzo knows damn well he sat there and masterbated all nite long to Kims "Fugly" Ass, and wished his little spanish pee pee could work it out like Ray J did.

Deport Alonzo Immediatly for being a racist! haha

And why is Kim famous again?? You guys have to admit.. This chic does love some black d*ck... Who was F--king her a$$ then, Ray-J? Hmm lets see, now it's Reggie Bush... pounding that silicon out. And for those of you defending her, you just want a piece of *meow* that you aren't going to get. I read a comment how alonzo needs to go to Church, Didn't we all see clips of her sucking and F-cking?? Watch Kim on Sat, Church on sunday? Unbelievable... They Both Suck.

Alonzo Gomez! You so dumb 4 dat comment you made. You must or cant get any from yo girl or man hun. Cuz u trippn cuz ill lic her down in a quic and fast.

This message is for the previous person "AlonzoGomez ". God created us all. This is no race of people better than the other. Obviously if you have to write comments like that you lack education ,maturity and a supporting family. Go to church and get a life.

Kim is fugly. She looks no different than a tranny with all that work done. Yes she does have fake hair,tits and azz. including work done on her face. It's not always females who are haters stating the obvious. Coonish Black men don't want to believe their "great white hope" is a fraud. Do you ever wonder why her fanbase is mainly black people if she is really is beautiful as "black" people claim? She is nothing but an average looking slut to the rest of the world, so we don't pay her any attention. But to Black people she is a god, I guess of beauty, even above their own "black is beautiful" (women. They are so grateful that a Kim is willing to s/fuc* Black, that they will worship her, in the face of millions of their own women looking 1,000,000 times better than her. What a loser group who will forever remain at the bottom of the food chain. To stupid to have self-love and self-respect for themselves and culture. worthless group.


Mick, you are an idiot. There is nothing fake about Kim Kardashian. I saw the video and everything on her is real. She is fine as hell! I'm sure you must be one ugly female. No dude would make such a foolish comment.

dumb a** fake ass bitch fake breasts fake butt implants fake hair loads of makeup fake cheek implants fake implant. there's nothing real about this b#$ch. she looks like a man whose gone through a sex change.

I would let Ray J have sex with me for money, even though he is black

Kim K has a sh*t booty

it too small

I must say Kim IS hot!! And she probably could do better. But the fact of the matter is that some people would do anything to get to the top. And as sad as that may be, Ray atleast deserves some credit for being an oppertunistic. Hey, any other guy would've done the same.

I must say Kim IS hot!! And she probably could do better. But the fact of the matter is that some people would do anything to get to the top. And as sad as that may be, Ray atleast deserves some credit for being an oppertunistic. Hey, any other guy would've done the same.

Hahahahahahaha. HOT!!!

That was the first thing I noticed about this video. No method of safe sex was being used. Maybe it's not a common thing for people to practice safe sex. I know I do. She's a beautiful girl and all but that turned me off about her

OMG! First of all, be clear on a few things. Ray J was never popular! He's been living in the shadow of his sister since she came out with her first record. I mean he's been refered to as "Brandy Brother" for crying out loud. Yes Kim Kardashian is fair to the eyes but what has she done for the world? Since when is being a socialite an actual job title? It's sad that these girls refer to work, as put'n on makeup and smiling in front of cameras and being able to spend thier parents hard earned money on shopping and materials things! Alot of people pumped this video up or maybe it was talked about in the media far too much so now that I have seen what the big mess was about, I'm like: All that I seen was Ray J f*&k'n the sh*t out this girl! She had no problem taking that big a** d&ck! And on top of it all, not only was she taking it- but she was telling him to do it HARDER! Nothing happened out of the ordinary on the tape. It was just 2 people having sex to me. Getting the sh*t f#$k'd out of her on tape made her famous and a bit richer. Ray J is still the same unpopular, forgot about lil dude that no one gives a sh*t about. last but not least, I have to add that they are both f@ck'n dirty ass, stank ass, funky ass, nasty a** mutha f@cka's for releasing a f@ck'n video of them f@ck'n with no rubber on! That's the sh*t that through me off! We see now who doesn't practice safe sex. She f@ck'd him with no rubber after it's a known fact he f@ck'd "Superhead" and how many people did sheC? Yuk!

Amiamberlee, that was definitely an intelligent comment! It's nice to see young women who have their head on right! Bravo!

- Basically, people have sex. Guys love taping their girls gettin' it, girls oblige.

Additionally, loads of people need pornography to achieve orgasm and there is a huge market for that.

Worth mentioning too is the fact that interracial dating has lost its taboo status and is now a matter of personal preference.

My advice 2 all who posted opinions about this multicontraversial subject is to let it go. Posting insults is really low-rent. Those offended by Ray J Kim K or Vivid, need 2 realize that our behavior as a society defines us. I do not plan to buy the video BECAUSE it offends me. I did not view the trailer either. If u don't like it why watch it? or worse, watch it & then

For whoever said:


Please get a life. How stupid was that? Do you really think you're cool or funny because of that juvenile comment? Obviously he's already doing it, hence the sex tape, and I don't think he needed your help cheering him on.


once you go black, you NEVER go back

Kim is so hot. I dunno what she is doing with that ugly-a**loser. How the hell can she find him attractive? He's so naasty. I am appalled.

Kim Kardashian is godess of beauty. from her hair to toe is hot. she is too sexy to handle but its pathetic to see a black beast f**ing her and selling their vdo.

all i have to say to you people is that ray j is still popular and Kim she is pretty so wat i bet all you guys look like sh*t too

horrible face of ray j..omfg..what the heck???kim is like a goddess of beauty and having sex with such monster looking ray i'm wandering if she's blind or wat!!!well... only in america!!!

Ray J is an ugly creature and i hve no idea wht kind of people pay to watch a desperate biatch on hving sex with an ugly monster. America shud wake up from the " Sexual Sleep " and look at other far better things on this planet .Americans are just impossible !! SICK

I think this sh!t is just to make ray j popular again cause lets be real , he realy was'nt surviveing as a hip hop artist he tried that shit when he dated little kim... but she problably has v.d so I don't think that worked to well as far as his fans oppinion. Now lets face facts she to good for him & he just some "wan be thug biatch" that did'nt have the caracter or the balls to wait for Gods hand to situate him in the correct possition for God to bless him further than his bare a** talent & these curtis jackson promtional tactics would've taken him.

All I can say is "only in America!" Ray J and Kim Kardashian haven't really done anything to be as popular as they are. However, I can't blame them for milking every dollar they can from been celebrities. American society is so caught up with sex, that we are willing to spend money to watch other people have sex and making companies like Vivid millions. Vivid knows that hey will make their money back, even paying out $6 million. Why work hard, just make a porn movie, release it and make millions! Only in America.

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