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Is Ray J & Whitney Romantically Involved?

January 17, 2007 8:36 PM | R&B | Ray J | Whitney Houston | Comments (3)

Say it aint so Ray J. (A.K.A. William Ray Norwood Jr.). First you want to sell your sex movie with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, now you are hanging out with a crack head, or should I say Whitney Houston. It appears Brandy's little brother has been seen romantically with Bobby Brown's estranged wife Whitney Houston. What is hell is Ray J thinking?

Checkout the Paparazzi photo of the two leaving dinner together at Maestro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last Sunday night. Ray J is 18 years younger that Whitney. What could he possibly see in her? Maybe he's just being a good friend. However, eye witnesses say they were getting pretty close while enjoying drinks after dinner.

What da?


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i just want whits to be happy! i mean isnt that what life is all about? loving and then being loved???? What does it matter there age? they are both adults and can make conscious decisions..... I really wish ppl would remeber whits for the everlasting dent that she has left in the entertaiment world and forget about her time of substance abuse. You never know how it feel to be someone until you have walked a mile in there shoe (i am not making any excuse for her mistakes ...but) whits is only human and all of us makes mistakes and fall down, but it takes a real woman or man to get back up and move on. Whitney has done this so she should be repected for that!

i couldnt agree with you more girl some of these ppl are so sad imo hmm everything is wrong as long as it aint them doin it hmmm.......these ppl may be calebs but they have feelings are should have a personal life outside of the media. I say if he love her, vice versa go for it whits i aint mad at ya girl, you only have one life to live you may as well be happy is my take!!

What in the word is your problem...whoever is writing this need to stay out of other people business and mind their own. If Ray J wants to date Whitney then he should be honored....age is nothing but a number and they both grown doing there own thing....everybody keep talking about how Whitney done drugs and stuff like that but what has she done good, a lot of things but people fail to point that out. What you need to do is take a good look at yourself and try to figure out how to fix your sad sorry life....whoever this is need Jesus and I will pray for you...!!!

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