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Music is my life. Period. I love to write songs more than I love to sing/perform them. I guess you could say songwriting is my passion. Some of my songs come from my poetry, which is another big part of my life. Nowadays the music industry is lacking substance. Not because of the entertainers, because most of the time they don't even write the songs themselves, but it's up to the songwriters to write songs that are actually worth something, and I want to be one of those songwriters. If I get to perform along with that, then I will REALLY be a happy camper. Another change I hope to bring to the music industry is the fact that everyone likes to jump on the bandwagon. For example, because I'm black means my music preference HAS to be Hip Hop and RnB or Reggae. I DO occasionally listen to a Hip Hop song or two and yes, RnB is MY LIFE, but I also LOVE some rock, reggae, soca, country and house songs aswell. It just boils down to the song having some kind of substance. Music is music, and I'm a lover of MUSIC. Not ONE type of music, just MUSIC AS A WHOLE. So, just ask for more info, if you care to know.

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