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Angie Jerez is born on August 5th, in Queens, New York. She is the only one with artistic vocation in a numerous family. At 9 years of age she moves to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with her family. That is where she begins theater classes. Attending "Bellas Artes y Cultos" and another school in the area where she resided. At this time is when she starts participating in plays and kids programming on television, programs such as "Sabado Chiquito de Corporan".

In 1994 she returns to the city of New York to spend summer vacation and decides to take modeling classes in the prestigious school "New York Modeling and Drama Studio". She then starts to participate in television commercials and as an extra in films of which we should mention "Private Parts of Howard Stern" and "In Search of a Dream".

Its her curiosity for communications and everything that has to do with this artistic scope that makes her think about radio broadcast, for that reason she decides to take radio broadcast classes in the Escuela de locution Ray Carrion. Since then she has participated as an MC in several communitarian activities in Manhattan. Also, she has had participation in programs like "Movidismo", "TV Joven" and "Info TV" like Co-presenter. Recent work includes, Dona in Parcos P.I. for Court TVs website, Directed by Scott Cohen; Hot moms in Random acts of Duff (TLC) directed by Bill Price; Morena in the trailer for movie Cachimbo, directed by Victor Ramos; Maid in Symons Mansion, director Soman Chainani. At the moment it participates in the creation of a project and new image for the Dominican TV that will occur to know through the only station via satellite the United States from the Dominican Republic: Super Canal Caribe.

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