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Suitcase has a rating of 4.68 based on 28 vote(s).

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Average rating: 4.68
Rated a total of 28 times

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Signed up: 22 Jun 2006 07:06 PM


Sounds like: One of my sonsg sounds a little like Travis Tritt's "Here's A Quarter"

Influenced by: George Jones,Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Conway, Mel McDaniel, Randy Travis, Travis Tritt, Charlie Pride and Both Hank Sr & Jr


Well I just wanted to let yall know I am going to end my membership here and delete my songs. I seem to still get alot of plays but nobody seems to rate me or my song anymore. So unless anybody ask me to stay I am going to end my membership and delete my songs on August 29 2008. Seems like a good day to do it since it's my birthday.

Thanks to the folks who have listened and rated me. It's been a good run.

Greg Beeson ( Suitcase)

Remember I am always just a phone call away my cell number is 336-561-9525 and it's free to all Sprint customers (If you're not a Sprint customer it's free to me after 6:00pm Eastern Time and all weekend long. I'm not making money yet so I'd appreciate it if you'd call while it's free. I'm always up till 2:00 am Eastern Time)

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Geoge Jones On The Jukebox
Rating: 4.55   Geoge Jones On The Jukebox has a rating of 4.55 based on 24 vote(s).

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Album: Country Roots

This Time You're On Your On
Rating: 4.44   This Time You're On Your On has a rating of 4.44 based on 22 vote(s).

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Album: Country Roots

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