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Sosa Man
SO$AMAN >>> "So$a The Man" [Nassau, Bahamas] []

"I think it starts with a good product, at the end of the day it's about music."

Brandon "So$aMan" Major

Brandon "So$aMan" Major continues to push the boundaries of NEW Bahamian Music, frequenting Bahamian newspapers more than politicians. Still he emphasizes the work of his team, descriptively called E$T [The Establishment]. " To be established means to prove the validity or truth of." No wonder this young Caribbean man chose to name his first single "Prove It". So$a's debut single has hit local radio by storm and has growing presence on online radio and college radio in the US and Canada. Now he's back with a hot follow up for the hot 2007 summer.


- Dude the 2 tracks are tight! Very good. Actually played them more than one! In the couple of years I've listened to your music, you always improve! These 2 tracks should definitely be on the radio. They maybe hit records! I'm not just staying that to stroke your ego, the tracks are very good. I hope you are shopping them hard for a deal! If you are, you'll get it! Don't forget me when you get LARGE!

Patrick Birmingham -(creator of indie music site

- These tunes haaaaaaaard boss. I about to put these on my ipod right now boss. they bad boss!

Leevan Sands - (Int’l Olympic Long & Triple Jump Medalist)

- Ok that Party on the floor is a mix-show record, we would play it in the mix. That Dreamin of money I like, I thought that your verse could be a little more potent, flip the word play a bit. But on the other hand I like them I already sent them to the Radio Director - Dion Da Butcha.

Duriel "Big Doobs" Antonio - (On Air Personality 100 JAMZ , Nassau Bahamas)

It's a hot one man!! Definitely a club banger!!

Jatonde - (On Air Personality 100 JAMZ , Nassau Bahamas)

- I'm picturing a hot-ass club! I like it man! Not hot-ass clubs-I prefer the bar, but the song is hot!

Anthony - (Ocala, FL)

- You know you are gonna get my honest opinion, always. Especially since im not much for hip hop, if it catches my ear then you are golden. HAHa! But honestly, I listened to it twice. I like it. It's tight and smooth. I could get the picture of some nice asses shakin to it in a club. Nice to see you still hard at it.

Rob - (Atlanta, GA)

- I got your new songs from DJ MayDay. I like your music.

Jazel - (Bermuda, The Caribbean)

- I have to say, I'm lovin it. Really. At first it caught me off guard, but I love the direction, the delivery, you really stepped out of the typical Hip Hop Artist Mode on this one. Bey, you did well.

Be - (on Air Personality Island FM Radio, Nassau Bahamas)

The songs are of the hook. i like your verse in "dreamin of money". party on the floor is a good club song. i see you doin big things!

Jon - (Charlotte, NC)

- yeah, yeah I'm lovin' it...the beat is sick!!! def a club banger!!!

MangoSkin - (model featured in So$a’s “PROVE IT” vid)

- I enjoyed sosa's vid & performance! good luck with everything. I'm really hoping bahamas gets put on the world-wide map musically. i will personally see to it as much as i possibly can :) take care thanks for droppin me a line,

Keri Hilson - (Interscope Recording Artist & friend)

That dreamin of money is some fire still, I feeling that shit.. the lyrics are mad...I can pull that one up a coupe times. You should slip that out slowly so people can get anxious for it , its that type of fire...

Tori J - (Toronto, Canada)


Bryan - (London, UK)

- It's naughty and catchy...i like it!!! Good stuff...keep it up!!! Can't wait to hear it in the club :)

Jannelle - (Nassau, Bahamas)

- I'm lovin this oneeeee!!...i tink its different and gives alot of variety to a club settin...i could picture this bein played in da club fa sure...!!

Terah - (Miami, FL)

- yeah SO$A!!! love da new jam. you switchin it up a lil bit...i like it!

Jessica - (Nassau, Bahamas)

- Loveee it cuz .....its hot uv course , , sound like sumn ya cud blast in da club ..........., i cud see you growing in ur music , keep it up !!

Alia - (Texas)

- I like party on the floor..tight beat and u have a unique voice..not like every other bahamain rapper. Also dreaming of money is tighttt, its good that you sound different from the rest of the competition. Cause you know how every other bahamain rapper sounds somewhat alike no one's different, you're different. I like it. Keep it up

Dawn - (Nova Scotia, Canada)

- I Love it!!!!! It has a different type Vibe to it....Rockstarrish!!!!!!!! ....I LOVE IT!

D’Angela - (Nassau, Bahamas)

Oh i just finish listenin to it for like tha 6th time :) time fa da honest reviewsWhen it first started i was a lil taken back tho wit da chorus i was like oooookkkkk but den as it continued i was like cool cool she soundin good. da part wat say 'u kno we cud do it in the restroom' had me laugh lol ohhh an da part wat say 'u kno u wan to come inside my car' 2.... But yea u were rite i do like it... i wud dance ta it in da club an play it in my car :) i have it on repeat :)

Melonie - (London, UK)

hey...i really like it you had me dancing for a sec when i should have been studying lol - its very creative, the beat, the changes in your voice all of that good stuff.

Kharin - (Nassau, Bahamas)

SosaMan breakout single "Go Girrrl" is now available for download at iTunes.


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posted by: Sosaman posted: 09/07/06 21:54:37
SosaMan breakout single "Go Girrrl" is now available for download at iTunes.

- "DJ Maximo describes 'Go Girrrl' as "Rocks a party like Nelly, straight club banger, love the money girl, I know you love the money, definitely download worthy."


Also available, "Break It Down" on iTunes. DOWNLOAD TODAY!!

- Druppa, independent music executive describes 'Break It Down' as "Well put together track, definitely the works of a songwriter, this track will have you dancing in the club"


SEARCH SosaMan at

EarAirMuzik (SosaMan Debut Album Coming Soon)
posted by: Sosaman posted: 08/28/06 02:12:48
EARAIRMUZIK---------------------- Back when I started this This E$T shit I was a dreamer, a rebel I did not allow anyone to deter what I called 'E$T' This life of reason has chosen my route This life of secrets to the world Seems being naked makes me feel truthful (no homo) Seems being alone, allowed me to wallow in the self pity of it all And if I didn't If one night in Charlotte I didn't dream up this whole E$T shit Where would I be? Who would I be without SosaMan? Maybe its all the same, maybe its even childish to even think this way Maybe my first girlfriend didn't break my heart so bad Maybe my third girlfriend hurt me more than that But I move on Change name, change clothes, change........... I usually get on one knee Pray that whoever the higher power is I ask for every other sign but E$T Sometimes even I am afraid But through it all I can feel it in the air I could taste it, literally feel it But what about everything I left behind Everything I gave up, Everything I lost What about all this pain Well,,, E$T is my fucking exhale My middle finger My fuck you nigga It shows the good, the bad, and the ugly My attitude, my white tee, my air ones My life................E$T See for some people the acronym explains everything they ever dreamed of Its love, its life See for some people E$T was all they had, all that made them smile E$T was the fucking money when I was broke in NC E$T held my head up when even I had given up Now you see it Now you feel it For some people, its a language, an artform, a place to be exactly what the fuck they dreamed An aggressive group of individuals, the name E$T The be established Established be established enough to walk anywhere and access anyone See what some people fail to understand This gave breath to some of my niggas when there was no job, no money, no plan and a baby on the way See this is why I work so hard ......... Because I know how the other side feels.....and I don't wanna go back there I can't feel that way ever again Like no way out See this E$T shit put the swagger back in my motherfuckers It gave us that high that only drugs could give us Damn, E$T is a drug PC fucking P See one night in NC, I almost killed a man I was angry, not alive, I guess 'the living dead' No dreams, no emotion, no care, no compassion You know when you hit that tunnel,,,,,,,,, Darkness Darkness brings fear, fear brings insecurity ...... And there I was angry at a man whoms name I did not know Who's history I did not know Was he a father? Who was his mother? Did he have brothers like me? And the anger stopped It was then,,,,,,,I could see the end of the tunnel The air was clear I could hear the music That was it ..........EarAirMuzik E$T was born SosaMan birth Dreams came true Music to my ears ......EarAirMuzik

By: Sosa E$T

  updated: 03/17/15 18:58:19
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