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Instrumental Jazz/World Fusion

In this arrangement, fretless bass guitar plays rhythm, lead, and melodic themes over African drums (talking and stick) and vocal phrases, xylophone, berimbau (musical bow of African origin), kalele drones (steel drums), as well as added synth beds.

The title is taken from the second day of Kwanzaa, and means "self-determination" - one of the Seven Principles (Ngozo Saba). The associated pledge is for individuals to define, name, create, and speak for themselves - instead of being defined or being spoken for by others. The idea is to design a positive future and then vow to make that prophecy a self-fulfilling one.

Credits: Gino Foti - Fretless bass guitar, Synthesizers, Loops and Samples

Label: Net Dot Music






Orbis Terrarum

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