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11 May 2007 05:59 AM


Germany-based Gift Musarurwa and Robert Ketchum have not only achieved musical unity between them and with their excursions to Music roots, bringing the music from different eras plus the cross fertilisation which has taken place in contemporary music into one act. They have drawn together people of all the cultures of the rainbow, the young and the old and wooed even the most shy to the dance floor whenever they belt out their tunes to packed houses.
It is the EPITOMY of the Melting Pot - a point of convergence of cultures and music. Their extraordinary historical raportoir is so full of goodies that you can start anywhere and go in any direction with it because it is so entrancing.
That takes the kind of LOVE that music brings out quicker than any other art-form.
Robert Ketchum’s debut was at the tender age of 10 as a member of the Pop band "The Kids" in San Antonio, Texas. Perhaps no surprise as his Father was a Renowned Blues Musician. He also joined a Mexican folk-group and celebrated the "Mexican Mariachi" wearing an original sombrero !
Walking through Memorial High School in 1971, he successfully auditioned as a vocalist and sang "Into the sun" for a famous Band called "Grand Funk Railroad" by the time he was seventeen.
Four years later he wowed multitudes at the Arts Association`s Vaudeville Show in Texas. Robert performed in the Anacocho Room in St. Anthony Hotel, singing songs of Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan - then decided to hit the road.
The 22nd German-American Volksfest in Grafenwöhr, Germany in 1979 featured Robert Ketchum displaying his multi talents at Vocals, guitar and harmonics reflecting songs authored by Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan. As he mellowed he delved in new music styles ranging from rock, jazz, soul, to funk.
As Front-man / Singer with the Ansbach, German based band "Stroke" Robert Ketchum in acquaintance with Hermann Hoffmann, belted out his debut LP simply dubbed "Stroke I". Music in his veins he gave his voice to the band "New Life".
Robert Ketchum founded the band "Toughtalk" and proved his ingenuity as successful Front-man and Entertainer of the band. His list of successes became endless.Among them with the Band "Aquazack", 1988-1993 which dished out another Smash hit CD "Find a better name".
He was Winner in a competition "Chance 91", organized in Serenadenhof Nürnberg by Musikzentrale Nürnberg 1990-1993. With the Band "Thick Luzy" on stage in Germany and touring Europe, 1994-1996.
Robert Kitchum participated in the Project "Mixed Image", Studio recordings at vocals and on hip-hop tracks.
He produced a CD and a video clip "Can you feel the music", as well as participate in "Vocal Events" organized by Alexander Schwendner, 1997-1999. Robert Kitchum staged Shows in Nürnberg, Fürth and Feucht.
By 1997 he begun sharing his talent as vocal coach at Basement music school, Art and Voice music school in 1999,as well as "No.1" Musikschule in Nürnberg in the year 2000.
In the Project with George Manner (GMT-Studio) he , Created new Pop-Rock-Songs and Ballads.
Among some of his most outstanding feats and appearances and marvelous concerts all over the world are:
· 2001 On stage with "Toughtalk"
· FCN Bundesliga
· Mc Donald`s with Weather Girls
· Pepsi Cola
· Hotel Kempinski in München Sylvesterparty (New Year’s Party)
· Hockeyweltmeisterschaft in Nürnberg
· Fürther Freiheit (city festival)
· Rockzelt-Volksfest in Nürnberg
· Opening ceremony of the main station in Nürnberg
· Das große Schlagerfestival Pallas Concert
· Peter Buchmann-Promotions
· NDR 1 Radio Niedersachsen
· Bremer Stadthalle
· Volkswagenhalle in Braunschweig
· The group Toughtalk with Klaus & Klaus, Mary Roos, G.G. Anderson,
· Carel Gott, Michelle, Die Paldauer, Franz Bauer, Vivian Lindt, Tom Astor, Graham Bonney
· 2001 "Unity" was found
· 25.11.01 Benefit Concert for Medico International to help Afghanistan mine victims K 4 in Nürnberg,
Dec. 2002 - It`s a white X-mas (CD)

*A book concerning intensive vocal training by Robert Ketchum is also in the offing poised for release.
Gift Musarurwa is a well rounded musician who was exposed to a musical art-form which sprang in Black Townships on the outskirts of Southern African cities in the 1940’s and 50’s.
He listened to Kwela brought back by immigrant farm workers or labourers returning from the gold mines around Johannesburg as well as Rabi and European music. At the age of twelve he taught himself to play the Piano acquiring recognition and membership of the Galaxy Musical Club through which he peformed at various Pop festivals. He founded his first Band "Scorpio Brothers" in 1967. By 1970 he started the Rose Folk and Blues Club jamming with various touring international artists including Suzane "Soupy" Pierson, John Philips, Dave Greenwood and Benny Miller of the Otisway Good Blues Band.
The Boogie Woogie storm did not spare Gift Musarurwa when it swept through the world.
He is brother to the late jazz veteran August, whose Cold Storage Sweet Rhythm Band featured Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong in August Musarurwa’s ever green Skokiaan song which was a hit world wide.
Besides jamming and performing with various Musicians he founded and led the Bands, Bushmen - The SAN, the Smiling Lizards and the Butterfly Blues Band, and played in a duet with German Guitarist, Klaus Langenhan.
Gift Musarurwa’s CDs, Bourgeois Blues and and "Kindly Treat Me", are both vibrant albums, mixing indigenous music colours with elements of bright-hued jazz/blues fusion. The Music is not at all lacking in the jubilant warmth of much of the modern musical tradition. "Unplugged" brings out the natural and exciting Sound while "I Wonder Who They Are" LP has something for every musical ear.
Gift Musarurwa has played and recorded with a number of jazz/blues artists, among them Chex Tawengwa, the late drummer Jethro Shasha, saxophonist Simanga Tutani, Moses Kabubi and Elisha Josamu.
Gift has performed at various venues across the Globe.
He has thrilled crowds at various international venues to mention a few among them:
· The Berlin Music Festival, 1973, As Guest Artist at "Touring Agogo" Night Club as well as Andalusia Palace facing the Pyramids and Sphynx in Gizah, Cairo, Egypt in 1975.
· AuBerge Des Pyramides, Al Ahram, Cairo, Egypt
· Kreina Hotel in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 1978,
· "Somewhere Else", Toronto Canada in 1995, The United Nations International Day Festival, November, 1998 ,
· The Jacaranda Blues Festival in the year 2000, Harare, Zimbabwe,
· Alexandra Club In London, England, 2001,
· The Blaue Haus, Nürnberg, Germany, 2001,
· New Year’s Eve Concert (Silvesta Concert,) Ohdruf, Thuringen, Germany,
· The Irish Castle, 2006,
Bella Lugosi, Dutzendeich, and Café Express, Nürnberg, Moritzberg etc -Germany.
As the saying goes - Nothing does an Art or a Nation so much good as letting foreigners in. During the 1950’s, that music in Black African Townships was affected and effected other sorts of music.
EPITOMY incorporates the Flamenco Rhythms of Texicana, Mexico, Folk, Rock, Delta Blues, Soul, Pop and Jazz pulse of Robert Ketchum and the fusion of Afro-Cuban Rumba rhythms up to the adoption of the cool style of the "Mills Brothers" the coupling of the marriage between Anglo-Saxon hymns with the African beat, the riffs in ragtime and flattened notes of the Blues scale that Gift Musarurwa grew up with.
Yet from that Melting Pot and conspiracy of events - EPITOMY has that separate cultural strand - a music of its own identity - its own way of going about things.

The ambiance reverberated by EPITOMY music with its tinge of Kwela, plenty of sweet riffs, African drums and percussion and over-riding sounds of Robert and Gift plus melodious Harp - is the most understandable fusion musical - a display of irresistible skills on various musical instruments - a serving from the Melting Pot. A classic example of the wanderer returning home to roost after exposure to all other forms of culture and music.

EPITOMY has an infinite capacity to surprise.
EPITOMY is Ever pulling out a wonderful all-new arrangements of Music.

· In response to Public Demand, Gift Musarurwa and Robert Kitchum continue the International Tour June 2007 to promote the EPITOMY New Explosive CD, "EXCURSIONS" in Bucharest, Tunis.
· Their extraordinary historical CD is so full of goodies that you can start anywhere and go in any direction with it because it is so entrancing!.


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